Where Art and Healing Meet

Nancy's Palette
Nancy Moore

Imagine yourself embracing the Art of Well Being.

The Spiritual Arts I am offering are a Prescription for Your Wholeness and Wellness. As a holistic practitioner, I assist your ability to embody the power to heal. So you can hear your song, and dance your dance. Through processes of spiritual counseling, energy balancing, ministry, and art making, I facilitate your healing to an openness of heart, play, and creativity.

My presence here is to provide services for joining in community… each of us elevates each others spirits and this is the gift of giving and receiving grace. It is an honor to offer these services and products for enjoyment, healing, and connection.

Your offerings are simple and beneficial. —Maria Thomas, NC

A healer is one who knows and uses the right forms needed to create transformation. —Cynthia Winton-Henry of Interplay.

I think of myself as a facilitator of Self-healing: one who carries tools, stands by, holds prayers, is a bridge, attentive.

You were my guide to a place I had not dared to dream of; heaven, the joining of souls, the remembrance of unity, of love. There are not words to express the impact of that moment of time and it’s effect on my inner landscape. I can say it is forever changed, transformed. —Martha Firnschild, MI

One of the pleasures I received from the weekend was watching you work. There comes over you such a sense of peace and joy that it shows in your face and visibly radiates from you. —Scott T, MN