Energy Healing

Your personal healing through intuitive spiritual care.

You may feel that there are blockages in your life. These could be manifesting in emotional, physical, or spiritual areas. Energy healing is applied to release these blocks and stimulate your body and mind’s ability to heal itself. With insight into healing processes, I work with the healing of your mind to assist in affirming the essence of your innate strengths. Your sensitivities are respected, and I honor and hold you in gentleness.

On a shuttle van I was guided to offer emergency touch healing (Reiki) to the woman next to me, who was having an asthma attack. The woman to my left assured her regarding my offering, She has a gift, I can feel it. It’s like electricity. I think of myself as a facilitator of healing: one who holds tools, stands by, is a bridge, attentive. As a bridge I allow the healing to flow through me.

As a Holistic (balance in body-mind-spirit) Practitioner, I offer clients several choices in Energy Healing Practices:

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Ama Deus Level Two Practitioner, facilitate Qigong, and have been initiated into Shamanic Healing Practices. I also offer sound and art healing processes.


Hands-on, or distant, Reiki healing can be accessed to accelerate healing of your body, mind and spirit, with the benefits of relaxation, balance and joy.

Reiki is sweet. I trust you. You are authentic and true to Self. Energy work is to be honored and to be done with humbleness. That is one of the reasons I want you to take me to the next level. —Rebecca Clark, VA

Ama Deus

The Ama Deus sessions are also a joy for me. This ancient healing method is adapted from rituals and sacred symbols of the Guaranis Indians of Brazil. I am grateful to be an initiate of this heartfelt, hands-on technique. It is a direct experience using a series of imprints and symbols, similar to Reiki.

…helped ground and focus me. I felt the energy go there and the healing start. My emotional body is stronger and I am making better food choices. —Renee Royal, NC

Shamanic Healing

I journey for your healing, to help bring an answer to your question, to assist in finding a solution to your problem. I also offer the form of a painted image for you to keep and find further resolution. Check my Painted Shaman website for more information on my Shamanic services.

Chilel Qigong

Surrendering to the mastery of Qigong practice for 20 years, I have developed increased energy, a stronger body, and a more positive attitude. Chilel Qigong is a Chinese practice of visualization and gentle movements, which is easily learned by anyone who wishes to improve and sustain their health and well-being. Chilel is considered a medical Qigong, and this healing energy flows into my practice. I am a certified instructor with over twenty years of study and practice. In 2012 I traveled with my teacher Frank Chan and a group for a study/tour experience.

I offer a program of classes, video and audio materials to facilitate learning this style. Check the Chi-Lel Qigongwebsite for more information.

Sound and Image Evoked Healing

Watch Nancy and some of her grandsons show her spirit hoops in action. This video was shot and edited by her grandson Alexander.

Using images from a series of watercolors I call Dancing Spirits, you are encouraged to meditate, creating sacred space within to tell your story. In this story telling, a path of release is woven, lifting life’s stresses and providing clarity. I may also use a process called mapping, where you use art materials for a journey of discovery. In energy healing sessions, I often use vibrational art objects I’ve created called Spirit Hoops, to clear and provide an energized focus.

Pricing and Making It Happen

I am open, in some situations, to traveling to your location. A series of “intensives” including energy healing, counseling, and facilitation of Qigong practice may be beneficial.

Sliding Scale

I will work with you on a sliding scale fee of $60-$85 per session of approximately an hour. A commitment of three sessions is beneficial for continuing the clearing process. You may choose distant healing or appointments in my studio.

At this time I am making a risk-free offer on the counseling and healing sessions. If you don’t find a session helpful, you will receive your money back.

That is what I really appreciate about your work, the respect and the love that you put into what you are doing — it really makes a difference. —Rev Becky Clark, VA