Minister Training

Are you feeling called to minister to others?

Are you looking for an in depth program for growth and self awareness?

Do you recognize the Loving Teacher within and wish to join a worldwide network of spiritual professionals who share that recognition?

If you are feeling compassion for others and bring that to your work and community, you are already ministering. The Pathways program serves to reinforce what is already there, and provides a springboard for following how your path of ministry will shine.

After my ordination at Pathways of Light in 1998, I remained on campus as a group and correspondence facilitator. This is from an article I wrote and published in Pathways of Light’s Miracle News in October, 1998:

The experience of going through the program here at Pathways and now facilitating courses in groups and through correspondence has been an important step for me in learning my True Self. I’ve dropped bushels of fears around revealing and knowing myself. I feel confidence in expressing more openly both tears and laughter.

When I worked with my first correspondence student, I was amazed at the trust we both felt. The first day I facilitated a group, I felt a great deal of ease and peace. This opportunity has strengthened my experience of compassion and my willingness to follow Spirit’s lead. It helps me recognize the Love that joins us all. Facilitating is a catalyst for knowing joy, laughter and abundance.


Nancy, as ever, your presence in my learning experience is so very profound. You express the qualities of a facilitator in Full Essence. —LM

…your gentle, soft spoken style allowed me to feel free and uninhibited today. —DB

…was facilitated with gentleness, understanding and compassion. Your willingness to listen to everyone and guide us gently, helped the overall essence of peace, joy, and love that I felt all day. —DD

Nancy provided the perfect atmosphere of love and acceptance for us to intimately share of ourselves. —CS

Your ease at moving me through to my own creative expression is a grace. —TAW

Learn how to become an ordained minister, through a 22-course curriculum focused on the practical application of the principles of A Course in Miracles to your daily life. Ministers are qualified to offer spiritual counseling and officiate wedding ceremonies. Please contact me or Pathways of Light for more information.