Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling with Nancy Moore

Among the modalities of spiritually guided counseling I offer to you for clarity and personal growth are:

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling

There are times when you may need personal attention in a one-on-one setting. In the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, the focus is on allowing your Inner Wisdom to enrich your spiritual growth and help you heal in a way that is best for you.

Everyone has times when they feel anxious, fearful, tense or angry and cannot seem to break loose from it. You may be experiencing an undesirable habit which seems to control you. Or your mind may be returning again and again to review a scene which upsets or disturbs you.

In times like these, it is helpful to be able to work with an Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor trained to help you access your Inner Wisdom. The spiritual counselor can help you gain insight into this situation so you can see it from a higher perspective. This counseling sets the stage for you to take a look at unconscious “thought clusters” which may be behind the discomfort you are experiencing. After this is brought fully into conscious awareness, your spiritual counselor will help you get back in touch with your inner peace.

In the Self Awakening Spiritual Counseling session, you are helped, one-on-one, at your own pace to stimulate discovery of Higher Wisdom in the most loving and accepting way possible. You are guided to tap your inner resources and open your channels of inner communication. This Wisdom will help you see this area of your life with greater awareness.

Experience the joy of Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling as I gently guide the process. I am an Ordained Ministerial Counselor with Pathways of Light Center Spiritual Center, which has an emphasis on helping people access Inner Wisdom.With patience, and the help of Spirit, I will guide you to a stronger connection with your True Self.

Everyday Journeywork Spiritual Counseling

This process also focuses on allowing your Inner Wisdom to enrich your spiritual growth and empower you in a way that is best for you.

This is an example of how a session may flow:

You call to inquire about the process and to check our resonance for partnering. We then schedule an appointment. By joining with you in purpose, the energy is set into motion, and I release your question, situation, to Spiritual Guidance. During this time of reflection I begin to get clarity, and the healing begins…

By our appointment time, I will have completed a meditation or shamanic journey on your behalf.

When we have our appointment, I will ask what has taken place since our original contact. In the session I will share with you the information I received, and we will share what that might mean for you. My role is to partner for your Self-healing and opening to Inner Guidance. I consider this time to be a period of coaching, encouragement, and support. I may have suggestions for “homework” to reinforce the clarity and wisdom you are seeking. To help you stay on purpose I will email you a reminder of your intentions. With prayers and meditation, I will continue to join with you in the circle of wellbeing and joy.

You have given me a gift, a blessing, in many ways, over and over, of trust. —CS

After we spoke last night, I had the best sleep I’ve had in a week and my body really felt free of tension. —KM

It was YOUR counseling that day on my couch that started the chain of events to make this all happen. —Rev.Rebecca Clark

Sliding Scale

I will work with you on a sliding scale basis of $60-$85 per session of approximately an hour. A commitment of three sessions is beneficial for continuing the clearing process. I am open to talking with you about other options.

At this time I am making a risk-free offer on the counseling and healing sessions. If you don’t find a session helpful, you will receive your money back.

Contact me for a counseling session by telephone, via the Internet, or to make an appointment with me in my studio, at a time that is convenient for you.