Spiritual Fitness I

This morning I was trying to write something that I felt had a time line of NOW. It just wasn't flowing; there were places that snagged. How about this, that, what will “they” think? I asked for feedback from a friend. This didn’t release me; I continued my mind chatter.

I went outside to get centered with my Qigong practice. With thoughts still coming, a piece of heavy equipment started up next door. Grrrr. It stopped. Ah, peace. Then a chain saw… oh, it’s only a chainsaw now. This is less degree of noise?

I took a breath, gathered all the mind chatter into my mind trash-compacter, mushed it up, and whirled it out. I called on Inner Guidance… and immediately an image came to me. I saw the writing I had been struggling with all morning. Then I saw an image of the new way of writing that had occurred to me, but I was resisting. This image was filled with light; and peace flowed through me.

The total peace I felt was my message that this new enhanced writing was the path to take. I recalled the Making a decision process from Pathways of Light Course #114. In this meditation one takes a decision they are struggling with, and experiences it as a journey down a path. The next step is to see another decision as an alternative path. The third journey is an unknown choice not even considered. The feelings and visions around each of these provides an answer for making a decision.

I felt gratitude that I had surrendered to my inner guidance, and was shown the peaceful path. As I walked away I felt a smile on my face, and knew this was my true fitness practice.

Nancy Moore
Asheville, NC